Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Southern Gardening Under Changing Conditions

Southern Garden Symposium October 19th & 20th, 2018

October 19th & 20th in 2018 will see the return of the Southern Garden Symposium, a southern gardening convention which brings together the best tips, tricks, and gardeners from all across the southern states of America. Proceeds from the Symposium will again be going to numerous projects including: Historic Ferdinand St. in St. Francisville, Rosedown, and Audubon State Historic Sites. This kind of funding will carry southern gardening into the future as much as changing conditions can control what you do with your southern Garden. Changing how you see what southern gardening is can create a better environment for your southern gardens to grow.

Southern Garden Symposium| Speakers, Guides, and Tutorials

The Southern Garden Symposium in St. Francisville, Louisiana is known for social engagement as it is known for gardening. This year’s speakers include Rick Darke, Andrea Wulf, Doug Tallamy, and others will engage attendees with their intrinsic knowledge of southern gardening and the environments in which southern gardeners work with. Soaring summer temperatures may affect how your pants are growing, but with the knowledge you can garnish from the Southern Garden Symposium will carry you across the finish line with beautiful flowering plants and gardens.

Southern Gardens | Inspiration from the Top Down

The Southern Gardens Symposium is designed to pass along knowledge to those who require it to further their goal of planting crops, flowers, and cover plants during the hot, summer months of the Deep South. Now, 30-years later, the Southern Garden Symposium has become an annual tradition for gardeners from across the southern US. With lectures and workshops, the gathering will enlighten many with new tips and tricks on gardening in the south. The events are presented with southern style and class and include fresh foods from southern gardens as well as recipes of all kinds for attendees to try for themselves. This event will take the best knowledge from the highest level of gardener and hand it down to the novice. Nowhere can this kind of collaboration be found when it comes to southern gardens and can be counted on for more than a good, southern time.

What to Expect Besides Gardens | Foods from Southern Gardens

It’s just a 45-minute drive north of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, St. Francisville is considered the quiet community with breathtaking southern gardens. The town has been detailed by its dimensions, two-miles long and two yards wide, shopping, scenery, and historic locations are the bellwether of this small, southern town. Don’t miss out on this year’s symposium. If you’re a southern gardener, you’ll take away more than you brought when you go to this southern gardening gathering.

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